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Avoiding Mistakes in Wedding Photography: Key Tips for Capturing Perfect Moments

“Photography is a kind of virtual reality, and it helps if you can create the illusion of being in an interesting world”. Who does not make mistakes? Mistakes can be done by anyone who is not an angel. So, it is pretty natural to make mistakes for wedding photographers as well. Some common wedding photography mistakes may happen due to the situation and some can be made if the wedding photographer is not efficient enough. It is on a photographer’s hand to make the precious moments memorable of a couple for lifetime.

But some wedding photographer mistakes may ruin the entire wedding album. There are many photographers who do not have the experience of capturing many wedding events; the mistakes can be happened by them the most. Here we bring you top 10 wedding photography mistakes that photographer make during wedding photography.

Top 10 Wedding Photography Mistakes You Should Avoid Making

Not Creating an Agreement

Before doing every kind of professional work, it is very important to make an agreement and put the legal contract. No matter how close your clients are, making an agreement is must to make. If you make an agreement of your requirements, you will be the one who would be beneficial. In the agreement, things like payment timeline, payment amount, copyright infringement etc. should be added.

If both the parties are agreed to sign in the contract, then you should go for work. Some unwanted hassle may happen like the client may pay you very lately after getting the photos. Wedding photography mistakes to avoid that kind of confusing situations make an agreement or a legal contract. If you still do not make an agreement and work, it would be very risky.

Not Taking Half Amount in Advance

This is the mistake that most of the wedding photographers do. Sometime the photographers believe on the word of mouth of their clients and agree for shooting their wedding photographs without taking even the half of the amount in advance. Remember that you are painting a target on you by not taking the advance. The wedding photographers sometime get into this harassment of not getting paid even after a long time of the wedding.

The advance amount that you need to take from your clients ensures that you will get another 50% amount of your payment post wedding photography. So it is better for a wedding photographer to take at least 50% advance pre photography.

Not Creating a Comfort Zone

When you are working and specially doing wedding photography, try to be comfortable with everything out there. If you are not comfortable with the environment or the people, you will not get proper wedding photographs. That is a common wedding photographer mistake. Some photographers really do not come out of the shell.

Thus, the people or the couple they are photographing will not be comfortable and you will not get perfect shot. Especially in Wedding Photographer mistake, you need to be very comfortable with bride and groom. There might be some intimate moments you want to shot of the couple. But the couple will not be comfortable in front of you to pose like that if you do not make them comfortable.

Using a Low Resolution Camera

For every kind of photography, having a high resolution camera is a must. The days of using lower resolution digital cameras are gone. If you are attending a wedding ceremony as a professional photographer, you need to take a high resolution and professional DSLR camera. No one will hire you if you do not use a professional and updated camera during wedding photography.

However, most of the photographers use the high resolution DSLR camera and lenses. But some photographers still use the cameras without lenses while shooting a wedding photography. This wedding photography mistake costs a photographer a lot. So try using high resolution camera adding high resolution lenses.

Using Slow Shutter Speed

In a wedding function you will see everything is happing very fast. People are running from here to there, gossiping, laughing, singing, dancing, and performing rituals. It is nearly impossible to take shots very quickly with a slow shutter speed. A sloe shutter speed may take longer time to move your camera’s focus from one thing to another.

You might miss many outstanding photos only for a slow shutter speed. Using a high shutter speed gives you the power to click photos after photos in a second. These common wedding mistakes are done by many of the wedding photographers.

Arrogance and Attitude

One of the most stupid mistakes that some wedding photographers make is being arrogant and throwing attitude towards people. During wedding photography, if you behave rudely with the people surrounding by you, a negative image of you will portray in the guest and client’s minds. For your arrogance, you may not get work afterwards.

So when you are doing a wedding photography, try to be polite and nice to everyone. That will add a brownie point in your bag. For your nice behavior, people might recommend you and give you more works.

Not Focusing on Bridal Photography

The most important aspect in a wedding photography is Bridal Photography. A wedding day is the most special day in a bride’s life. You will get thousands of expressions in a bride’s face when you are clicking bridal photography.

But some photographers make this mistake of not focusing on bridal photography. The album of the wedding photography should be full of bride’s photographs. If you do not focus more on the bridal photography, you are going to miss the chance of getting some precious expressions to capture.

Not Having an Assistant

In our top 10 wedding photography mistakes, one of the biggest mistakes is the wedding photographer not having an extra person/assistant to cover the event. A wedding function consists of many things. Every little thing should be covered by the photographers very efficiently. When there is only one photographer who is covering the whole event, it is nearly impossible to capture the moments happening in every corner. A taking some assistants along with a photographer is an advantage. Having no assistant along with you may cause you a huge loss.

Providing Raw Photographs to the Clients

One silly mistake that made by the wedding photographers is sometime if providing the raw and unprocessed photos to the clients. The photos might be over or under exposed. Some photos may need copping and other processing things.

Delivering raw photos may give a negative impression as well. Raw photos also do not usually have the logo of the photography company/photographer. So the photographs can be used anywhere without your concern.

Post Processing Mistakes

After done with the event of a wedding photography, it is time for the post-procession or editing of the wedding photographs. Some photographers edit their photos exaggeratedly that the photos look very cheap and gaudy. Some photographer does not want to take the help of photo editing service companies for saving the money.

But you need to understand that providing great wedding photographs and editing in a good manner is very important. If you do not know editing, go with photo editing companies rather than doing it yourself. Even one badly edited photograph may cost you a lot.


Now-a-days wedding photography is on a high demand. Thus, the demand of good photographs is also increasing in a high amount. People are not thinking of money while choosing a great photographer to click the best shots of their precious event. These are top 10 wedding photography mistakes that may give you a realization of not repeating the mistakes again.

Try avoiding these mistakes while going for wedding photography. So now that you know the wedding photography mistakes, we hope that your wedding photography will get improved by not committing these mistakes.

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